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Arana AI


Portrait von Leon Beckert beim Wandern in den Südtiroler Dolomiten



Leon Beckert leads Arana AI with the aim of developing groundbreaking solutions for blind and visually impaired individuals. He draws upon his extensive technical expertise and experiences in the fields of computer science and mechanical engineering. He has comprehensive knowledge in the field of Artificial Intelligence, including working with modern AI models and applying cloud technologies like AWS for implementing scalable and powerful solutions.

Leon brings not only technical knowledge but also a passion for social work to the company. His commitment to the social field is also reflected in his efforts to use innovative technologies to improve the lives of people in need. This marriage of community engagement and technical expertise makes Arana AI a unique company that aims to create impactful solutions to societal challenges while driving innovative technologies.

Portrait von Bernhard Slomniski im Anzug


Member of the Advisory Board / Strategic Advisor

Bernhard Slominski is a pioneer in software development and an experienced entrepreneur. With more than 30 years of industry experience at well-known companies such as Daimler Benz, IMA and Bosch, he dedicated himself to the development of startups. As the founder of factfish, an innovative structured facts and statistics company, he has successfully sold his company to GBI-Genios, where his software solution perfectly complements the product portfolio. With his impressive expertise and in-depth understanding of Software development and data management, Bernhard Slominski is a valuable asset to Arana AI by helping us to develop innovative AI solutions and to successfully advance our company in the ever-changing technology landscape.

Bruno Müller im Anzug bei einem Vortrag


Member of the Advisory Board / Strategic Advisor

Bruno Müller is an experienced strategy consultant and recognized expert for innovative business models, who has made a name for himself in various industries such as information technology, telecommunications, web applications, seed financing and big data analytics. With an excellent foundation in energy and communications technology, he has worked for industry giants such as Deutsche Telekom AG, Siemens AG and Infineon Technologies AG, establishing sustainable business relationships and global networks. As the founder and managing director of a consulting company, Bruno brings his extensive knowledge and experience to the table to support companies and startups in developing their digital growth potential. As a member of the Advisory Board and strategic advisor at Arana AI, he makes a significant contribution to advancing our company in optimizing business models, strategic positioning and digital transformation.


Making AI accessible.

For everyone.


Arana AI develops innovative AI applications that shape the future of technology and improve the lives of people of all ages and walks of life. Our easy-to-use solutions enable users to benefit from the AI revolution by providing access to intelligent tools for everyday life, study and work.

One of our successful applications is the integration of AI in WhatsApp. With the breakthrough AI technology in the familiar environment, all users are able to benefit from instant translations, efficient communication solutions and tailored recommendations.

Our AI applications are designed to support people with different needs. For example, our technology helps an older generation bridge the digital divide and supports them in everyday life. A blind journalist using our application can research more efficiently and focus on the creative part of their work, while students and programmers benefit from fast, accurate information and resources that optimize their learning and work.

At Arana AI, we pride ourselves on building solutions that make our users' lives easier, more productive and better.

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