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Revolutionary AI applications for a better life.

Accessible to all.

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The Arana Assistant is a revolutionary AI application that is seamlessly integrated into WhatsApp and is designed to meet the diverse needs of users.


Older people can bridge the digital divide and master their everyday lives with intelligent support. Blind and partially sighted people receive efficient research options that help them to concentrate on the creative part of their work. Students and programmers benefit from fast, accurate information and resources that optimize their learning and work.


The Arana Assistant is the AI solution for anyone who wants to be relieved in everyday life and gain a head start in the world of work.








Customer Satisfaction


“As someone who recently lost their eyesight, I was looking for an accessible AI solution that could help me adapt to my new situation. It's like I have a personal assistant who is always there for me. The simple and accessible operation of the Arana Assistant has enabled me to organize my everyday life better and to be more independent.”

Stefanie H. | Pensioner

“Since I've started using the Arana Assistant in my day-to-day work as a blind journalist, I've saved about a third of my working hours. Assistant's ability to answer sequential questions and remember previous answers has revolutionized my research and productivity. I feel like I have received an incredible gift and I am deeply grateful to the Arana AI team..”

Marko S. | Journalist

“As a programmer who has to balance study and work at the same time, the Arana Assistant has made my daily routine a lot easier. It helps me to organize my tasks and to quickly research information, which allows me to work more efficiently and focus on what is important. The Arana Assistant is an essential tool that has improved my life in so many ways.”

Lisa B. | Student

Empower Accessibility, Expand Your Reach

Transform your brand, unlock new markets, and champion inclusivity with expert guidance.

We Help You Elevate Your Business Through Exclusive Accessibility Insights

Discover untapped potential by making your business more accessible. At Arana AI, we specialize in offering deep insights into the daily lives of differently-abled individuals. Our expert consultancy services guide you through pragmatic steps to enhance your company’s accessibility, fortify your brand's reputation, and connect you to a wider customer base. Take the first step toward a more inclusive future—contact us today.

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CO2 reduction with impact

Every subscription matters.

Arana AI contributes 2% of the revenue from every subscription paid through Stripe directly to Stripe Climate, supporting the development of CO2 removal technologies.

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